Times shown match both audio and video versions of the episode

0:00 – Introduction

1:01 – We got a White Board!

3:51 – Song Contest Results
No winner this week

4:33 – Topic 1 – Limbo
Zac reviews Limbo and why he thinks that this psychological horror game deserves to be recognized as a masterpiece.

18:09 – Topic 2 – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Mogan shares her latest foray into horror games and with a game that could be described as “mystery horror.”

35:48 – Brandon Weaver’s Facebook Post
Our good friend Brandon wrote on our Facebook page on some of his favorite monsters.

38:14 – Topic 3 – Dead Space
Jerrett played through all of Dead Space for his game and he gives a look into this graphic and bloody space horror adventure.

1:03:17 – Show Close

1:04:37 – Song Contest for 11/1
The hint: Use gold, wood, and food to build your empire