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We Are Team Chat!

Welcome to the show! Team Chat Podcast is 3 buds talking about the video games they love, the ones they hate, and the weird ones nobody talks about. Follow the links at the top of the page for the complete listings of episodes, bonus episodes (or bonusodes as we like to call them), and show notes with summaries of the episodes. Be sure to find us on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to get more involved with the show!

The hosts:

IMG_2865Jerrett Wilson, a small-town Oklahoma boy by birth, moved to the big city of Austin, TX to pursue a career in videography. A lover of all forms of media, he wanted to combine his work in video with his growing interest in the world of video games. After meeting Zac and Mogan, Team Chat Podcast became a reality. When he’s not recording the show or exploring virtual worlds, Jerrett continues his work as a freelance videographer and enjoying life with his wife Samantha and their two pets, Fender and Henry.

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• Twitter: @jtwilson
• PSN: dogtown_warrior
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15195842_10211072280025135_7309605849737146353_oRachel Mogan has been gaming since ye olden days. From humble beginnings in the glorious PS1 days (Sypro, the Legend of Dragoon, Tekken 2) to the magical now of Breath of Wild and Tekken 7. Game is life and life is game. ‘Nuff said.

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12565455_10153317069377155_9008852984656770637_nZachary Parks, born and raised in Virginia, moved to Austin, TX after producing a feature film here. He continued his film career though directing and editing much of his own projects and now works as a full time film editor. Zac grew up playing all sorts of video games but found his love in the competitive Halo world, where he still resides today. When not no-scoping noobs he focuses on his film career and his currently making his first feature film.

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